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Model children – Practical Patient Care, February 2017

Bugs vs bots – using robots to sterilise drug-resistant bacteria – Practical Patient Care, April 2017

New psychiatric hospitals in the Middle East overcome taboos – Practical Patient Care, December 2017


Encouraging more women to assume leadership roles – Finance Director Europe, October 2017


Inclusive architecture for the elderly can make old age an achievement – LEAF Review, November 2017

Hotel management

Steady as she goes – the Middle East and North Africa – Hotel Management International, April 2017

Check in, chill out – creating compelling spaces – Hotel Management International, December 2016

Cruise ship management

Cruise ships doubling as hotels – World Cruise Industry Review, November 2017

Just like magic – the transformative impact of wearable tech – World Cruise Industry Review, March 2017

Airport operations

Premium carriers turning to low-cost long-haul service – Future Airport, October 2017