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Why coming out as bisexual was an act of self-love (Xtra) – a personal essay

Truth, justice, Wonder Woman and wishful thinking (The F Word) – Does Professor Marston and the Wonder Women take too many liberties with the truth to represent real progress for polyamory on film?

WI Life (Women’s Institute membership magazine)

love stories cover

Love is… – Five WI love stories, featuring the first LGBT couple on the magazine’s cover

‘The WI has power’ – an interview with feminist campaigner Dr Helen Pankhurst

‘You could save the world if you dealt with mental health’ – Ruby Wax on mindfulness, her inner demons and the WI

‘I keep planes safe in the sky’ – Liz Bartlett, WI member, aerospace engineer and advocate for women in tech



Call of the Wild – Havering Resident

Paws for effect – Havering Resident

Tithe travelling – Havering Resident



Spice of life – Havering Resident, September 2016