Here you’ll find examples of my travel writing, including press trips, round-ups, opinion pieces and more. If you’d like me to write for you, please visit my contact page.


“Living la dolce vita” – Journeys, Spring 2016

“Heavenly Halkidiki” – Journeys, Autumn 2015


Shorter pieces

“America’s best idea” – Journeys, Winter 2016

“Why I love Perth” – Journeys, Winter 2016


Round-ups and infographics

“Top five train journeys” – Havering Resident, September 2016

“Winter warmers” – Journeys, Spring 2016

“World of culture” – Journeys, Winter 2016

World of Culture – Journeys, Winter 2015

“Tiger, tiger, burning bright” – Journeys, Winter 2015